Common Covenant Violations

Authority of Board Of Directors To Enforce Protective Covenants

One of the duties of the Board is to: “Enforce the Protective Covenants applicable to the Addition in such manner as it deems appropriate”.  Reference:  By-Laws OF SEVEN OAKS HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., ARTICLE IV, Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors, Section 2, Duties.


The “covenants” are specified in SEVEN OAKS  DEED OF DEDICATION AND RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS.  Section III, PRIVATE BUILDING AND USER RESTRICTIONS contains most of the restrictive covenants which the Board is charged with enforcing.

Covenants which the Board has had to Enforce

H.  Garage Sales/Yard Sales

1. Garage sales/yard sales will be allowed once each calendar year.  The date will be set by the Board of Directors of the Seven Oaks Homeowner’s Association.

L.  Rooftop Protrusions

Metal rooftop protrusions on the residence shall be painted to match the roof color selections (weathered wood).

N.  Outbuildings

1.  Outbuildings are prohibited

O.  Swimming Pools

1.  Above ground swimming pools are prohibited

P.  Fencing

Many issues have come up regarding fencing:  type of fencing, location of fences, street facing.

T.  Recreational Vehicles

Boats, trailers, campers, motor homes and similar recreational vehicles and equipment shall not be stored on any lot except within an enclosed garage.

W.  Trash Containers

Trash containers, except during periods of collection, and within twelve (12) hours of collection, shall be stored out of view from abutting streets.  No exposed garbage cans, trash can or any trash burning apparatus or structure shall be placed on any lot.

AA.  Signage

No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any lot except one sign of not more than 6 square feet advertising the property for sale or rent or signs used by the builder to advertise the property during the construction and sales period.

DD.  Basketball Goal

No basketball goal or structures are allowed in the street rights of way.

Non Covenant Issues

Most non covenant issues are covered by City ordinance or State law.

1.  Maintenance of lots:  keeping free of weeds and trash

2.  Silt coming onto roads from lots under construction

3.  Dogs:  not on leash when being walked; owners not removing poop from other home owner’s yards

4.  Home owners not clearing grass from roadways after mowing and edging